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OOTB 429 – Neoviolet Unplugged! plus MP3 Heaven!

Welcome to the week!

This week at Out of the Bedroom (tomorrow, Tuesday 21 June), the featured act is Neoviolet, with the classic lineup of Nicky, Georgie and Calum. Relive the old days, or rediscover Neoviolet, it’s going to be a fun night either way. 8pm start, at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, 7:30pm if you want to perform, and it’s free admission.

Now, Tom Watton wrote a review of last week’s OOTB! You can read it here on our website. You could listen to some of our free mp3s while you read it, in fact…

Speaking of which, the next thing i’m going to do is give you all the featured mp3 downloads in one lump. Tell all your friends because by the end of June, these songs will all be gone from the Internet. I suggest you download them all now, and when you listen to them please look up the artists you like, and consider buying their CDs or other product. These aren’t big artistes, your purchase will put a smile on their faces and money in their wallets. Support grass roots music, honestly, if you can afford to pay to get into gigs, and you can afford drinks when you get there, you can afford some CDs of bands that you genuinely like. Often you get only one or two chances to get somebody’s CD, because you never know when you’ll next see them. So make the effort, tell all your friends about these free mp3s while they’re available and everybody wins. Let’s face it the performers deserve and need your money more than the pubs or breweries do.

Consider this our equivalent of Ten Tracks (except ours is free, and there are twelve tracks). Here they are:

Paper Truth – Dead White Males
The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band – Pop Culture Bore
Darren Thornberry and Ross Baird – Would You Do It Again?
Francie Jones – Los Angeles
Lorraine McCauley – Haunt Me
Tim Holehouse – A Rainy Thursday In Augsburg
Lindsay and the Storm – Time Stands Still
Aaron Shanley – Here Without You
Calum Carlyle – In All Things There Is A Proper Order
Tina Avery – Travel Writing
Lorelei Loveridge – What You’ve Seen
Nick Splinter Smith – Patience Has Left The Building

Not a huge amount of events this week (well, there are, probably tons and tons, but i haven’t got a lot of OOTB related ones for you. Here’s what i do have:

Tonight (Monday 20 June) it’s Paper Truth‘s CD launch at the Montague Bar, here’s the FB event, but it’s free and it’s at 8pm (i’m fairly certain).

Tomorrow (Tuesday 21 June) it’s Neoviolet unplugged, doing the featured artiste slot, and tons of open slots too, 8pm, Montague Bar, and it’s free.

That’s it, really. The Ale House open mic is still on on Fridays at the Ale House on Clerk Street, from 9:30pm, and the Listening Room is still on Sundays at the Blue Blazer, from 8pm (with featured act on at 9pm). Both are free. If you’ve been missing them, then stop it, and drag yourself along, you’ll enjoy it. And bring your friends too, they’ll enjoy it as well, and you’ll enjoy it more. And buy the bands’ CDs too, similar reasons.

Okay, i think that’s it for this week! 🙂

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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