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OOTB 430 with Stewart Maclennan + last chance for free MP3s!

This Tuesday, the featured act at OOTB is Stewart Maclennan, the evening starts at 8pm (but get there before 7:30pm if you’d like to sign up as a performer). Stewart will be performing a half hour set, and there will be plenty of open slots too, and it’s at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

The other thing i wanted to tell you about is the free mp3s. You already know about them if you’ve been reading these emails, but basically this is your last chance. These free mp3s will be off the internet in a few days (by the beginning of July). So download now, and then buy buy buy the CDs of the artistes you like most.

The other thing i want to tell you about this week is the soon-to-start 5090 challenge. It’s an open invitation to any songwriter to try and write 50 songs in 90 days, beginning on 4 July. You might think this sounds unlikely, but who cares? If you write one song, it’s better than having written no songs, plus they have a thriving online forums and chat, plus you get the overwhelming opportunity to collaborate with literally hundreds of songwriters the world over, for a period of ninety days. Sign up on the site, get active, stay active. I’m not going to moan at you to sign up and all that, if you don’t then you’re the one who loses out. Not to mention the fact that even if all you do is listen, the 5090 website is your heaven as well, because literally thousands of songs will be written over the next three months and you can listen to most of them for free on the site.

And that’s it from me, i have a feeling i am hosting another open couch session in Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket on Sunday (2nd July). It’s free, it starts at 3pm, so bring your instruments along and we’ll all have some jolly good musical fun.

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom


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