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OOTB 431 – Julien Pearly!

5090 starts today...Hi everyone,

Right, this week at OOTB the featured act is Julien Pearly. I think he may bring one or two mystery accompanists with him as well, definitely it’ll be entertaining. Plus, all the usual open slots (and this means plenty of Edinburgh’s performers and bands will be giving us fifteen minutes of their best).The other thing i need to mention is that the Montague Bar is great in summer. If you are thinking of OOTB in previous years in our dingy basements while the sun is out, then think again. We’ve got ceiling height windows at OOTB now, it’s glorious! 8pm (7:30pm for performers) at the Montague Bar on St Leonards street on Tuesday.

Secret CDs is this week on Wednesday too, here’s the blurb:

  • 10.00 THE SUNDANCER [www.reverbnation.com/thesundancer]
    The Sundancer is the brainchild of the outrageously talented Paul Brunton, who writes uplifting and powerful songs that feed your soul and make you want to dance.  Check out the band’s classic video for `The Alarm Clock Song` (on the Bandcamp site).
  • 9.15 LISA RIGBY [www.myspace.com/lisa_rigby]
    Townhouse singer, multi-instrumentalist, Burnsong songwriting winner 2007 and 2009 and one of the finest female singers in Edinburgh.  Lisa releases her new CD this evening – miss this and you know you’ll regret it.
  • 8.30 FRANK BURKITT [www.frankburkitt.co.uk]
    Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Frank is a humourous raconteur as well as a very fine songwriter and folk artist, and will be playing songs from his new CD ‘Valley of Gold’.  Frank is co-presenter of
    The Garden Sessions.
  • 7.45 JONNY DOWNIE [www.facebook.com/jonnydowniemusic]
    A mere 21, Jonny has been building up a repertoire of songs since he was 15 and has just released his first EP “Out of the Dark”.  Jonny is influenced by artists such as U2, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams.

And that’s Secret CDs at The Voodoo Rooms on Wednesday at 8pm, and it’s only three pounds to get in.

Today’s the first day of 50/90, the fifty songs in ninety days challenge, and basically if you are a songwriter and you haven’t signed up yet, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. I’m not going to try and cajole you any further, but here’s the link, hope to see you there. 🙂

that’s it, enjoy the summer, while it lasts, hope to see you out there sometime in musicland.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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