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OOTB 434 with Holly Shepherdson

OOTB Presents… Holly Shepherdson!

I have somehow managed to not hear Holly Shepherdson‘s music yet, despite her having played at least twice recently at OOTB. Nevertheless, several people who’s musical judgment i trust say she’s great, so i’m definitely going to make it along this Tuesday to OOTB to hear her featured act performance.

That’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, 8pm start (7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots), and it’s on Tuesday 26 July. I don’t like to name names but the open slots will probably be heaving with excellent performers too, so don’t miss out.

Then on Wednesday 27 July, for only £2 it’s Edinburgh Unplugged number 8. This time round, the acts are: Caro Bridges And The River, Andy Paul, Julien Pearly and Gavin Taylor.  Any one of those would be worth the admission price, i think. Anyway, get there promptly, last Edinburgh Unplugged was totally rammed. People were queueing up just to be put on a waiting list for a seat! This is our last Ed Unplugged until 14 September (which is seven weeks away!). It’s downstairs in The Royal Oak on Infirmary Street and it starts at 8pm.

On Thursday, well, you’ve got to have a night off. Let’s hope it’s sunny! 🙂 Actually, there is that open mic night at Nobles on Constitution Street in Leith. It’s at 9pm on Thursdays and it’s hosted by Hailey Beavis. I haven’t been along to the open mic yet but have been meaning to go along. In fact why not spend your night off at Nobles?

Friday‘s Ale House Open Mic day, as you all know. It’s opposite the old Odeon, it starts at 9:30pm and it’s run by Dave Law and all the friendly faces will no doubt be there. I popped in for five minutes on Friday just past and all the performers on the list were excellent and everybody was really friendly. It was really difficult wrenching myself away actually. They’re lovely. 🙂

Then on Saturday, again there are probably a ton of things for you to do, but you’ll need to get your gig guides out to find out what they are. The following Saturday however, we’re having the first or our super secret (apparently) Out Of The Ordinary Extravaganzas. It’ll be on each Saturday of August in The Montague Bar. I have heard rumours of who some of the performers will be, and they are well worth seeing, and definitely worth seeing during the Festival, so stick that in your diary.

Then on Sunday it’s Blue Blazer/Listening Room time again. At 8pm in The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street. It’s an open mic from 8-9pm and a featured act from 9-10pm. By the way check out the new flashy Listening Room website! The best feature is this, click “calendar” on the right hand sidebar of their site and you can see the forthcoming list of featured acts, just like you can do on the OOTB site! This week’s featured act at The Listening Room is The Hermitage.

And that’s it for the final week before the festival. See you out there!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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