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OOTB Presents… Pol Arida (and more…)

This week at OOTB it’s Pol Arida doing the featured act slot. He’s got a bunch of huge and impressive songs, and he manages to play them solo, with his own guitar/amp setup and his trademark fingertip guitar playing style. come along and enjoy the melodic onslaught of Pol Arida! 8pm start, 7:30pm for performers, it’s free, and it’s on Tuesday at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

The other thing i wanted to tell you about this week is that we’re running extra special Saturday events all throughout August in a not-actually-connected-but-doing-it-because-of-because-of-the-Festival sort of way. We’re calling them Out Of The Ordinary, and they’ll be in the Montague Bar, same place, same time, but on Saturdays. The format is going to be THREE featured acts every Saturday (and they’re all stoaters, though our Events Officer’s been keeping his cards close to his chest on the exact lineup), as well as a shorter, and therefore probably packed and dynamic, open mic session every Saturday too.

BUT don’t forget we’re also running on the Tuesdays as usual at The Montague Bar, during the Festival AS WELL as Saturdays! Check out our website for details of upcoming featured acts. A quick look down the list reveals the next few Tuesdays feature: Holly Shepherdson, Calypso, The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers, Paul Gilbody, Caro Bridges, Ben Young (yes, he’s back from outer space!), and Lost Telegrams (phew!). Also all the open slots tend to get filled up with an array of incredible performers as well, so get out of your slippers and get down to OOTB on Tuesdays. If you don’t, you’re missing it. 🙂

By the way, Lost Telegrams (while we’re talking about them) were awesome at Edinburgh Unplugged on Wednesday last, as were Edward And The Itch (and as usual my hat’s off to Susanna Mulvihill and Sir Tom Watton for joining me as Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions, i loved playing the gig with them, as i always do). Kirkcaldy band “Little Buddha” never showed up (and have ignored my attempt to contact them subsequently, obviously they don’t take their music, or other people for that matter, all that seriously) but despite their unexpected non-attendance we all had a fantastic time. The photos are on Facebook, courtesy of imagemeister extraordinaire Malcolm Mclean.

Oh yeah, tons of songs are getting written as part of the 50/90 challenge, click the link to listen. Some of our favourite Edinburgh songwriters are doing this this year, have fun listening to all the new songs. Remember, everything on that site has been written since 4 July!

I haven’t even got to other events. The place is heaving with them though, i’m struggling to keep up. I think i’m going to keep it mainly to OOTB, Secret CDs, Ed Unplugged and Out Of the Ordinary listings for the next month or two, as far as this email is concerned, unless people have specific gigs they want me to mention (in which case, just reply to this email letting me know, and i’ll list them too).

Oh i might just briefly mention that there’s a 7-9pm event happening from now till at least the end of the Festival on Sundays, and going to be Thursdays at The Black Rose Tavern on Rose Street, i’ll probably include those too, since there are so many performers from OOTB and the McEwans Ale House extended network playing at them. I may mention the odd Red Dog Music Sunday too, for the same reason. Just warning you. 🙂

Okay, see you all out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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