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OOTB 456 – Happy New Year! Welcome to Saturday night!

OOTB Presents… Michael MacFarlane!

Hi everybody and happy new year!

Right, we’re moving OOTB to SATURDAYS as of this week. The thirty-two of you who have been reading the emails these past few weeks know this already, everybody else TAKE NOTE. 🙂 Everything else stays the same by the way, it’ll still be in the Montague Bar with the music starting at 8pm.

Michael MacFarlane’s very good, or we wouldn’t be booking him for a featured act slot, much less have him kick off our new year and new slot on Saturdays. Right, where was i? Yes! He’s very good, and you should come and hear him doing his featured act set on Saturday (7 Jan) at OOTB. Also, there will be a plethora of excellent acts filling up the open slots and making our lives joyful and happy. You may as well come along and enjoy yourself, after all the world’s due to end this year, so fit some fun in while you still can, eh? (that is supposed to be humour by the way, just in case it’s not immediately apparent)

What else did i have to tell you? Well, i wanted to mention Roberta from Banana Sessions’ regular Unpeeled night, it’s on in the Jazz Bar on Chambers Street and the next one’s this Thursday (5 Jan) at 9pm. It’s only a fiver to get in and this time there are four acts, and they are: The Darcy DaSilva Band, The Last September, The Dirty Demographic, and Calum Carlyle. It will be my final gig in Edinburgh for a while (i’m doing an OOTB featured act set in April but i have nothing else lined up), and the other three acts are all very good, so don’t miss it. I’ll be doing songs from my new CD “Better Out Than In”.

OOTB is on Saturday of course, featuring Michael MacFarlane, details are as above.

On Sunday 8 Jan at The Blue Blazer on Bread Street it’s The Listening Room, open mic and featured act, from 8pm, and this week the featured act is Jamie Hay, who will be familiar to OOTB regulars.

Also, please check out the newest Labelled Independent podcast, using the link on the left hand side of this mailout, they have a sort of roundup of local independent music of 2011 on the new episode, and as always if you’re a local musician, you can get in touch with them to hopefully be featured on a future episode.

Also, Music News Scotland have started doing a very snazzy looking set of online gig listing publications, with ads and articles etc. Check this out for example: http://musicnewsscotland.wordpress.com/mns-digital-publication-links/

There’s no Acoustic Edinburgh this month, and there’s no Regent Showcase either, and Secret CDs has stopped as of this month too, however there WILL be an Edinburgh Unlimited this month, next Wednesday 11 January, it’s only £3 to see four acts, what a bargain! And that starts fairly promptly at 8pm in The Third Door (formerly Medina, next door to Negociants) and this month the performers are: Small Feet Little Toes, Jason Kyrone, Colin Adams, and Damian Casey-Boyce. Hope to see you there.

So yeah, that’s it from me, hope you have a very musical 2012, stuffed with live music, fun, and dare i say hilarity…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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