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OOTB 465… Jill Hepburn ignites!

OOTB Presents… Jill Hepburn!

Hi everybody. Right, it’s the talented and very personable Jill Hepburn performing the featured act slot this week (Saturday 10th of March) at The Montague Bar from 8pm, and if you’re quick enough you might get to sign up for one of our three song floorspots too, or just come along and soak up the pot pourri that is Edinburgh’s rich panoply of songwriters, plying their wares for free in front of your eyes and ears.

You know i was thinking about this, now that OOTB’s on a Saturday you have an excellent weekend of top quality openmicness going on EVERY WEEK. Check this out:

Fridays – The Ale House Open Mic Night from 9:30pm, at The Ale House on Clerk Street

Saturdays – Out of the Bedroom from 8pm at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street

Sundays – The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer from 8pm on Bread Street

There are a ton of other gigs of course, like Edinburgh Unlimited for example, which is on this coming Wednesday, for only £3 at The Third Door you can get the experience of having live acts perform as though they are performing privately just for you. And this month it’s on on Wednesday 14th of March at The Third Door at 8pm, and the acts will be Naledi Herman, Laurie Cameron and The Last of Barrett’s Privateers!

And here are the OOTB featured acts we’ve got lined up for the next couple of months, stick these in your diary…

Sat 10 March – Jill Hepburn – she’s awesome, and she owns a banjo!
Sat 17 March – Nyk Stoddart – psychedelic acoustic music, with Calum Carlyle on bass
Sat 24 March – Jamie and Shoony Eh – very vigorous newcomers to OOTB, total showmen
Sat 31 March – Damian Casey-Boyce – he actually wrote a theme song for OOTB!
Sat 7th April – The Ferny Brackens – wyrd folk music, with very varied song subjects
Sat 14 April – Colin Milne – His songs are full of real life humour and sometimes tragedy
Sat 21 April – Calum Carlyle – Acoustic anti-pop songs for the 21st century
Sat 28 April – Jo Wilson – he’s back from Pakistan, ready to entrance your brain with music
Sat 5th May – The Keep – an all star lineup which has already turned some heads
Sat 12th May – Laurie Cameron – a top flight performer and songwriter
Sat 19th May – John Watton – a truly gifted guitarist with a lot of great songs to boot!

So yeah, you pretty much need to come along to all of those! 🙂

I think that’s enough information for one week, see you out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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