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OOTB 497 – November 17th – Tau Boo


Tau Boo

Buuuurrp!  Oh please excuse, still digesting what went on out there in music-land over the weekend. First though, the featured act this week is Tau Boo. Tau Boo is short for Taurus Bootis (Latin) which is a star in our galaxy a little more dense than the sun, and reportedly some years ago was supposed to have a solar system quite similar to ours. It was thought that maybe this system had a chance of harbouring some kind of intelligent life. More recent findings however have shown that Tau Boo’s most interesting planet is a very large hot Jupiter style gas giant that orbits very close to its star and is therefore unlikely to be a haven for any life.

What can we say about Tau Boo the musician? Well he’s a solo act who sounds a bit like em…eh…hmm…well you know, sort of like someone who comes across a little bit like…well you know…eh…er…um…maybe kind of like that person who sounds a little bit like you know what, that sort of thing, possibly. Anyway he is obviously indescribable so get yourselves along this Saturday and delve deeper into the strange yet enthralling mystery that is Tau Boo, and of course book yourself a slot (latest sign up time is usually 7:30pm) if you want to play…

OOTB 496 was an excellent night of music. Dave Robertson, the headline act, gave a spellbinding indie-folk style performance of his songs to a captivated audience last Saturday. Hopefully he will return to our shores soon for more of the same. As always, the performances from all the other musicians who turned up to play proves that Edinburgh still has a vibrant and high quality cauldron of talent. They were Tomas, Nicole Strachan, Roseanne Reid, Nyk Stoddart, Tina Avery, Pol Arida, Kyle Hurley, Calum Carlyle, Graeme Mearns, Bruce Nicol, Alan Henderson, John Crawford and Mike McFarlane. Check them all out on our Photos page.

The Listening Room on Sunday was a great night as well with ‘Lach’ as the featured act giving a notable turnout of people there a very energetic and entertaining show, along with the other folks who were also there to play.

😉   TB

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