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OOTB 498 – November 24th – Dave Keir

The big bright glistening milestone that has ‘OOTB 500’ etched by bloodied hands in large epic font and stands tall like a Space Odyssey monolith built from slavish pride, is almost upon us. With ‘Out Of The Bedroom’ celebrating what is now eleven years of live original music and the like in Edinburgh (ootb was established way back in November 2001), it’s going to be a memorable night where we break our very own rules! Performers are invited to play cover versions, better still covers of musicians who have turned up to OOTB over the years (with their permission of course). It’s not a strict rule though, anyone who comes along to play are just as welcome to perform their own songs if covers are not one’s cup of tea.

Dave Keir

Back to this week and featured act is Dave Keir. Dave is a folk musician who is recognised for his distinctive and assured finger-picking style on acoustic guitar which is accompanied by strong clear vocals delivering melodies with deep lyrical content. His performances around Edinburgh, including a number of times at OOTB,  have been top notch and well worth seeing if you’re out there. Along with a CD release titled ‘Good Grief’ at OOTB 481 earlier this year, Dave’s music is on the up . So no excuses, get yourselves down to the Kilderkin bar this Saturday night to witness a session in ‘how it should be done’ with original music from the man himself. Check out his website for more: dave-keir.com

Regular slots for performers are open as usual if you fancy fifteen minutes in the starry spotlight displaying your creative wares to an appreciative audience (latest sign up time is normally 7:30pm).

See you there :D, TB.



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