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OOTB 499 – 1st December – POL Arida

‘OOTB 499?? Hmmm…now wait just a damn minute there, that must mean the next one has to be OOTB 500! Oh my God, are the folks at Out Of The Bedroom doing anything at all to celebrate this momentous achievement?!?’. Damned right we are, but more on this in a bit.

POL AridaThe act this week more than worthy of our featured slot is POL Arida.

POL is an accomplished singer songwriter working from Edinburgh, UK. Many of his songs are ‘subject specific’ covering areas far from the conventional love song.

His ‘hammer’ guitar style is widely regarded as unique, where the guitar is hit hundreds of times per minute to produce a multi-instrument sound. Many of the recordings have no backing or effects although more recently POL has been working with other musicians to compliment the songs.
He is a well known live performer in ‘Second Life’ playing virtual gigs on a regular basis.

Check out his website: cultx.com

On Saturday 8th December we celebrate not only reaching our 500th event, but also eleven years of hosting live original music in Edinburgh! OOTB 001 was launched quite a while ago in November 2001 where since then songwriters and performers have had an accessible platform to show off their talents to a supportive audience.
To commemorate all this we are breaking our own rules! Performers are invited to play cover versions, particularly covers of OOTBers (with their permission of course). Those of you who sign up to play are just as welcome to perform original material if covers are not your sort of thing. It all starts at 8pm, so come down with your friends to help us rejoice in what will be a heavenly night of music and damned good fun!

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