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OOTB 501 – 15th December – Jack Blimey

OOTB 500 is done and dusted and it’s now countdown (or is it count-up?) to OOTB 1000! Our special celebration on Saturday was a great night filled with cake, drink and music. Big thanks to everyone who turned up to play and join in the fun. Check out the review of the evening and performances (if you haven’t already) written by one of OOTB’s originals, James Igoe. Pics of the momentous night are on our Photos page.

Jack Blimey

Featured act this Saturday is Jack Blimey. An emerging talent from the Edinburgh music scene, Jack has been a regular (and now a committee member) of OOTB for some time now. His music is an energetic mix of eclectic beat poetry and 1960s spy theme music underlined with a touch of dark humour. He has an acoustic guitar phobia, so it’s normal to see Jack adorning one of his electric guitars which adds to his unique style and sound.

It’s business as usual with regular slots available for the taking. Just turn up 7pm-7:30pm to sign up for fifteen minutes of fame (you know the drill by now). Also check out our new Open Mics page which is a monthly updated list of such events in and around Edinburgh. See you there at the Kilderkin this Saturday, and possibly somewhere else out and about in music-land!

TB 😀

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