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OOTB 502 – 22nd December – Matt Midgley

It’s that time of year we all love to hate and systematically waste our hard earned cash on presents nobody really needs. A dilute Christian festival now primarily based on the monetary value of gifts we all receive and give to each other. Santa is grateful although to Coca Cola for changing his suit colour to red rather than the awful dark purple that everyone seemed to hate. Poor bewildered Jesus these days is scratching his bloody thorned head wondering where he, his sacrifice and religion fits into this unrepentant calculated world of mass human commercial consumption. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. Anyway, despite all that we are not party-poopers as OOTB is having a special Christmas celebration and we’re expecting some Christmas songs to leak from the pores of songsters this Saturday night.

Matt MidgleyAlso for this festive week’s featured act we have booked an amazing Scots-born musician who is known as Matt Midgley. Oxfordshire based Matt employs a unique percussive guitar style that involves a rather high calibre technical method of detuning, tapping and finger-picking which defines his alternative indie folk sound. All this is showcased in his 2010 debut album ‘Cyan’ and has now released part one of his second album ‘For Everybody and No One’. Well worth checking out if you want to witness something that’s a bit different and original. Find out more on his website: Matt Midgley.co.uk

Regular slots are available as usual if you want to don your Santa hat and play us a few songs, influenced perchance by the drunken pleasure of warm medicinal-tasting mulled wine and burnt Christmas pudding interrupted with a good long turkey burp.

Please note that OOTB will be taking a break over the holidays and will be back after new year on 12th January 2013. Have a good time everyone and see you real soon!

TB 😀

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