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OOTB 503 – 12th January – Mike MacFarlane

Mike MacFarlaneHappy Ne….Happ…Ha…H… Nope sorry just can’t get myself to say it. We all know too well it will no doubt be another year of nonsense, drivel and bad weather. To counteract all that, OOTB’s doors are open for a happy new year (damn I said it!) showcasing talent new and established in Scotland’s capital city.

This Saturday’s featured act is no exception. Mike MacFarlane is fast becoming a seasoned performer and hosts acoustic sessions at Edinburgh’s famous Jazz Bar. His musical style migrates between folk and jazz, playing with confident finger-picking on acoustic guitar accompanied by bitter-sweet lyrics which are sung with an assured vocal delivery. Well worth getting yourselves along this week to see him doing what he knows so well.

Open slots are available as usual if you fancy a shot in the star-ridden limelight. If you are contemplating your first gig, then be brave and show us how it should be done. It’s not as intimidating as you think as we welcome with open arms any new acts who are willing to give performing in the big bad world a damned good try. Also check out our Open Mics page which has just been updated for this month if you want to expand your gigging horizons across Edinburgh.

See you there!

TB đŸ˜€


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