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OOTB 505 – 26th January – Kat McKenzie

Kat McKenzieHello to all you citizens in anticipation of the oncoming performers’ sweat, blood, egg and gravy outpourings extravaganza this Saturday. Agape arena doors hungrily await fresh musical meat to slaver over in a ‘Bio-tex’ nightmare forged of advert Hell. Fight with honour on stage against lions, tigers and washing machines whilst keeping at least one finger on your G-string. Many are strong and survive to come back to relive another epic tale in the OOTB amphitheatre. Up for the challenge?

Battle ready featured act this week is Kat McKenzie. New Zealand born Kat has been writing songs on keyboards from an early age and has always possessed a strong natural singing voice. Her pitch and tone are effortless as she delivers anything from a powerful ballad to a well written pop song. Kat is talented enough to have performed musical theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe and is included on the soundtrack to season two of BBC Three’s ‘Lip Service’. She has played venues around Edinburgh and at OOTB several times, so we are delighted Kat has accepted our invitation to play this Saturday as headline act. Not one to miss!

Also check out her website: KatMcKenzie.com

It all starts at 8pm and it’s usually best to turn up clothed in freshly washed coliseum armour before 7:30pm to book a slot.

Be there, or be bare…

TB 😉

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