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OOTB 511 – 9th March – Open Slots

Good after-morning to you. Normal procedure for constructing this post would involve displaying a photo of our weekly featured act. This Saturday’s event is free of such a booking and we therefore have a full three hours of open slots for your delectation. Theoretically for me to get a snap of an ‘open slot’ to show you all would require myself to be setting up my camera on a tripod whilst stark naked and drunk. Then in one careless movement I would catch the cable of the remote shutter release button between my toes and activate the camera as I trip awkwardly onto the unforgiving floor in a disgraceful heap with my buttock-crevice suffering a hot flash burn on full show in front of the lens. Thankfully unfortunate accidents such as that are very unlikely and absolutely did not happen at all this morning just after half-past eleven.


OOTB starts as a singularity at 8pm and inflates with a colossal explosion faster than the speed of light to create a vast expansive universe of top original musical performances by 11pm. Quantum theory suggests turning up before 7:30pm to confirm fifteen minutes of multi-dimensional space and stage time.

Our worthy weekly raffle will behold another chance for the Lord Of Chaos to randomly choose one so fortunate enough to be allowed to dip their privileged but trembling hands into the Silver Bag Of Dreams to pull a gift of practical usage and delight into their world.

We are always looking for anyone who’s played at OOTB before who might fancy having a shot at hosting for a night or more. Many folk have given it a try over the years and some even come back for more. Worth a go! Also you are welcome to sit in front of the mixer and control the sound at our events if you are more technically mindedly orientated sort of thing. Just send an email or speak to any of us on the night and something can be arranged.

Be there or be a victim of gambleware…

TB 😀

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