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OOTB 510 – 2nd March – John Crawford

Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing to you hoping all is well and good to attend what will be a great Saturday night of original live music coming our way.

John Crawford

Featured act this week is John Crawford. Usually when these write-ups are in progress the world wide web is often utilised to retrieve whatever information necessary to complete the task. Concerning the name ‘John Crawford’ and adding alongside it ‘Edinburgh music’ in the search-box I get as a result one long dead Scottish landscape painter, an accordionist, a violin professor, someone who works at Morrisons Supermarket and a person who has his vicious looking pet dog as a profile picture on Facebook. So it’s just as well I’ve seen John play several times out on the live circuit. His songs are carefully crafted works which have a folk/country influence clearly coming through. The lyrics are sensitive and take you on a rolling journey of human emotion sung with the subtle warmth of John’s confident smooth vocals. I’ve enjoyed all his performances and I’m sure you will too. Well worth seeing.

Slots for stage time are open for the taking as usual. OOTB starts at 8pm, but it’s wise to get there before 7:30pm to confirm one of those slots. Our weekly raffle will summon the famous silver bag of dreams to present the chosen one with a present of delight and wonder, to wonder over.

Played at OOTB before? Fancy a shot at hosting? Or maybe you prefer to be behind the sound-desk tweaking faders and knobs. OOTB are always looking for like-minded folks to help out. Come and speak to us any Saturday or send an email and we’ll be happy to make it happen.

“Welcome home, welcome. Come on in and close the door. You’ve been gone too long”. The warm comforting words of Peters & Lee’s hit to inspire creators such as yourselves to send lyrics, poetry and the like to this humble website for public view and maybe discussion too around a roaring digital fireplace. Just email us your works for further levels and new exploratory experiences of indulgent cosiness.

See you there, not even the chair…

Yours faithfully, TB 😀

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