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OOTB 513 – 23rd March – Graeme Mearns

Yes, I’ve still got the flu. You’re probably thinking, “What an unfortunate downtrodden unhealthy feckin’ bastard this one is. Undoubtedly doesn’t feckin’ exercise too much or at all, eats far too much feckin’ brown food and feckin’ cakes, and has no feckin’ right whatsoever to call himself any kind of creative bleedin’ artist or feckin’ musician. How dare he even think about posting a feckin’ blog that he reckons would be interesting to any of us worthwhile people wasting our bleedin’ time reading this from one so damned miserable and feckin’ weak! How very dare he feckin’ exist at all!  Feck, fack, fick, fock, fu..!!!”. Well that’s what I’d think.

Graeme Mearns

Onto this Saturday’s featured act. We have been fortunate enough to book one of Edinburgh’s (and beyond) legendary performers who goes by the name of Graeme Mearns. Graeme is a natural born entertainer and creative force. His music embraces eclectic styles such as jazz, funk, blues, punk and rock which are flavoured by Graeme’s unique indie approach. His humour and charismatic stage presence adds another dimension to Graeme’s creations of original well-written songs. Expect the unexpected too from a refreshingly unpredictable top quality performer who’s bound to enthral us all! This is how it should be done, so don’t even think about missing this one. Here’s a link to music from “The Graeme Mearns Band”: Reverbnation.com/thegmb. How much more convincing do you need…

  Announcement!!   Due to having an extra special one-off set from the New Orleans band The Green Mantles (following Graeme Mearns feature set), performers may only be able to play 1 or 2 songs each. We will try to fit in everyone though!

Got a spare gold coin to donate to our raffle this Saturday? All proceeds go towards running costs of OOTB to ensure a solid future of showcasing original live music in Scotland’s capital city, and of course the winner of our weekly raffle has the privilege of grabbing a top prize from the mysterious Silver Bag Of Dreams.

Right. I’m feeling quite dizzy now from eating too much pie, chips and Victoria sponge to nurse my ongoing flu infection. So see you there or be forever hoovering mouldy crumbs from almost bleedin’ everywhere…

TB 🙁

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