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OOTB 514 – 30th March – Open Slots

Hello. The clocks go forward this weekend, although you would hardly believe it as winter is defiantly holding its grasp on our section of the planet. My fingernail broke off more than is normal, just into the sensitive top part of my middle finger whilst playing guitar due to my hands being almost frozen at the time. Not very rock ‘n’ roll, but what is these days?

Our featured act this week has cancelled, so therefore more fifteen minute performance slots are available than usual this Saturday, just turn up sometime before 7:30pm to confirm a booking and OOTB will kick off at 8pm with no football involved. Worried about losing an hour in bed the next day as we reach British summertime? (try thinking about British summertime without feeling depressed). We finish up around 11pm, so after what will be a great evening of music we can all get home and climb into bed an hour early….yeah as if.

OOTB are looking for volunteers to help out with the sound on Saturday nights. If you’ve played on our stage before and fancy a go then get in touch by email or talk to us on the night. Knowing your way round a mixing desk would be an advantage and the set up itself is straight forward with other folks usually there to lend a hand. Maybe trying a bit of hosting for us is more up you street, you are more than welcome to give it a go.

I’m off to put a fresh plaster on my finger, so be there or be bleedin’ digitally sair…

TB šŸ˜•

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