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OOTB 515 – 6th April – Colin Donati

Hello there, sitting here at my laptop poised to type and thinking about nothing really. If entirely nothing existed then what would be there instead?  A perception of endless and dimensionless black or white void perhaps, which of course is an existence in itself.  Just saying ‘nothing exists’ is a blatant paradox. So existence has to happen (or has always been there as it was never born out of nothing, from or into any sort of time-scale) because absolute nothing is entirely impossible. That’s maybe why molecular particles and their constructs, down to the smallest scale possible, exist the way they are because through no choice that’s the most efficient lowest energy and logical state of existing in any form and dimension whatsoever. Ah hell, what do I know? I can only consciously think in three dimensions out of an apparent eleven dimensions. My head is starting to hurt thinking about nothing for too long now.

Colin DonatiOne person who can sooth anyone’s over-thinking mind is this Saturday’s featured act. Colin Donati is a respected and admired member of the Edinburgh acoustic scene’s oldskool, though live performances these days are few and far between.

He was the first Musician in Residence for StAnza Poetry Festival, St Andrews, in March 2012. As well as musician and songwriter he’s a poet and printmaker. Colin is currently (and belatedly) recording album of his own material with Graeme Mearns (PIG).

Colin will be joined this Saturday by cellist Robin Mason.

Stage time slots in a state of fifteen minute emptiness are waiting to be filled with several dimensions of original musicality. Starting time is 8pm, but turn up sometime before 7:30pm to confirm your performance existence slottage.

OOTB are looking for volunteers to help out with the sound on Saturday nights. If you’ve played at OOTB before and know your way round a mixing desk, then get in touch or speak to us on the night. Any help is always good and assists in keeping original music in Edinburgh enduringly alive. Spaces for hosting are available too if preferred, it’s all worth a go!

Right oh well then, see you there or just quietly vanish into thin air…


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