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OOTB 518 – 27th April – Ross Neilson

Hello for goodness’ sake. Music, what’s it all about? Apparently music is the most powerful art-form. People connect and forge gangs, such as mods and rockers, where the indoctrination of songs style the way of life like a religious belief. Couples join together in a mash of human sweat, liquids and groans to the sounds of brass band music whilst love-making. Most songs we encounter are written about love, lust and sex – ‘Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)’ performed by The Wurzels is a prime example. Maybe music therefore is actually, but inadvertently, slavishly created for our genes so that they can pass on through generations of human life forms in a state of virtual immortality whilst Barry White’s greatest hits take another spin on the turntable. Anyway, someone who can get anyone’s melodic DNA flowing is this Saturday’s featured act that we have proudly booked.Ross Neilson

Ross Neilson has gone through many stylistic changes and has these days settled into writing catchy and thought-provoking songs. His acoustic guitar projects a rock/pop sound accompanied by a strong vocal performance where the lyrics invite you on an odyssey of human emotion and endeavour. Ross has played at OOTB several times before and always gives his audience a confident and experienced performance to remember. You would be rather unwise to miss this one. Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your genes! Here’s a link to his music: reverbnation.com/rossneilson

Performance slots to advertise and project your human profile into future generations are available as usual. Turn up sometime before 7:30pm to consolidate a fifteen-minute stage thingy and good ol’ OOTB will fire the starting gun at 8pm. Baffled by being weekly raffled? The waffle is that without such an activity, no-one could have a chance to win a special prize of magical manufacture of human-juice factory toil. All proceeds directly finance the future of showcasing original live music in our cultured capital city. Well worth the effort required of grabbing £1 from your pocket-incorporated clothes!

Be there, or be spending far too much valuable time in musical intensive care,

TB 😀

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