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OOTB 533 – 14th September – The Keystone Project

Hello. I hate carrier bags. They are annoyingly noisy, particularly when a strong Scottish wind blows hard on filled shopping bags creating a loud rippling rasping sound as I walk home. Catching the attention of passers-by who peer through the thin plastic transparent sacks noting two packs of toilet paper bulging through. “Oh look at him, he’s off home to do a great big doofer. Hope he’s got some Airwick in there too. Serves him right for buying four pizzas, three microwave meals and a Pot Noodle. Bastard!”

The Keystone ProjectAnyway, let’s get onto this Saturday’s featured act. The Keystone Project was created by musician and producer Ross Taylor and singer/songwriter Jane Gilbert. In the hazy wild days of their youth, Jane and Ross first wrote together in the mission hall studios down in Leithshire. After a long stint away from home, Jane has returned to Edinburgh to join forces once again with the talented Mr Taylor. Working on a new EP ‘Limited Stop’, The Keystone Project have refined their unique sound. With Jane’s ethereal vocals and Ross’s extreme multi-instrumentalist skills, they have created a musical monster.

Open slots are available as usual. Bring along your wind machines and carefully pitched musical rasping plastic bags to play some original tunes. OOTB starts at 8pm, but turn up 7:15pm-7:30pm to sign up for a fifteen-minute booking.

Be there or be sludgy inside a bag like some rotting pear.


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