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OOTB 534 – 21st September – Allan Dixon

“Eh…excuse me, could you please pass the salt and the little bowl of lemon dragees as well? Thank you”, said some random two-dimensional character at a generic dinner party one hopelessly mundane evening that crawled ever so slowly into the dark abyss of some night. ‘Dragees’ is a strange word you never really hear of, or used in any conventional conversation. If someone actually said ‘dragees’ then it would only be worthy of strange confused looks coming back at the poor unfortunate naive sod who was dumb enough to ever bare that word at all in such naked public scrutiny. To me it sounds more like a one-word description of trainee cross-dressers. It’s actually of French origin and usually describes a small sugar-coated sweet of some sort, even a medicinal pill coated with sugar to disguise the taste.

Allan DixonHello. OOTB 534 is upon us with an amazing featured act booked in this Saturday. Allan Dixon played at the very first incarnation of OOTB many years ago and then moved to Los Angeles to make music for films. When he returned to OOTB a few months ago, he brought the BBC to film him. He amazed us all when he played OOTB a few months back, and he has since. Now here is another chance to find out why!

Here’s a link to some of Al’s music: soundcloud.com/aldixonmusic

Open slots are up for grabs as usual. Turn up 7:15pm-7:30pm to book fifteen-minutes of stage time and we’ll start the talent ball rolling at 8pm. Original material only and free entry.

Be there or be a lozenge waiting to be sucked at a confectionery fair…


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