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OOTB 548 – 18th January – Re-opened Slots

PKR1aHello. It’s another week and another round of open slots regardless of where they may reside on one’s skin-wrapped flesh-ridden body. With orifices agape for fifteen-minutes each carrying oral sounds of original melody and tune for all present in attendance to hear. No featured act means that more chirping apertures hungry for song are available to all you performers out there in this land. The more the merrier, particularly those with a rather springy but quite unusual derriere twice bitten by a Jack Russell terrier.

It all starts at 8pm, but get down here around 7:15pm-7:30pm to sign up.

Be there or be what was once a light tan corduroy luxury sofa downgraded to a worn dirty brown 1970’s limping three-legged chair…


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