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OOTB 552 – 15th February – Robert King

Hello. Valentine’s Day creeps before us all for yet another expectant annual sweaty bang. Thousands upon thousands of carbon units with slushy emotions having to visit a well known British store to mechanically buy a generic £20 ‘romantic’-themed ready-made meal for two in order to save precious time and effort in today’s unforgiving consumer lifestyle. “There you go darlin’, I love you”, they all cry in robotic unison easily fooling themselves that they’ve created a unique and thoughtful evening of original passion for their awaiting partners.

Robert King

OOTB have booked an amazing featured act this Saturday. Robert King has graced the OOTB stage with great performances several times. His songs are driven by an alternative rock aspect where his lyrics mainly have a political and philosophical flavour carried along with Robert’s reliable strong vocals. He was guitarist with ‘Woodland Roots’ for a few years and earlier in his musical history was a member of the award-winning ‘Highland Youth Big Band’. Now you know this is a performance not to be missed. Here’s a link to some of Robert’s songs: soundcloud.com/roberttobyking

Stage slots are available as usual. Just turn up on the night somewhere around 7:15pm-7:30pm to confirm fifteen minutes of spotlight time and OOTB will kick off at 8pm for an evening of blissful live original music.

Be there or just don’t be there…


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