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OOTB 558 – 29th March – Open Slots

OutdoorLoungeChrCoverS9bHello. Are all you musos out there trekking around the live music circuit type thing perhaps becoming a little tired of hearing cover versions all too often? Another pained rendition of a ballad currently being used in a corporate company’s TV advert bleating out public house doors and alerting any passing hungry foxes or slavouring wolves in the vicinity. Or how about a nice jolly rounded fluffy romantic song that was used some years ago in a popular chick-flick movie franchise creme fraiche type thing?

Well there’s none of that malarkey here at OOTB. Why not come down to the Kilderkin bar this Saturday to hear some top notch self-penned creations that are both thought provoking and refreshing. Then it’s back home in controlled orderly fashion to forward your timepieces by one hour necessary to conform with official British summertime. Can’t get better than that…..I think.

No featured act this week means more open slots are up for grabs. Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB struts the Strat at the start which just so happens to be 8pm by der way. Original material only and free entry as always.

Be there or be an evil baddie ultimately losing a formulaic plot-written fight with Dan Dare…


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