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OOTB 559 – 5th April – Calum Carlyle

Calum CarlyleHello. It’s time to clear out the winter earwax with an audio-wave based spring-cleaning from this week’s featured act. This is a rare chance to hear one of Edinburgh’s most respected singer-songwriters.

Calum Carlyle is an Edinburgh based singer-songwriter from Orkney, and a long-time contributor to OOTB. His, always memorable and catchy, songs vary from the romantic to the experimental.

In Calum’s own words:

“I’ve become a full time father, so I haven’t been playing many (any!) live gigs.
BUT I will be leaving the house to play a couple of gigs quite soon though, and it’d be great to see you there, especially as I’m not planning to do any more for a wee while. Come along, I hope these gigs will turn out to be quite special.
I have a slew of fairly new songs you’ve probably not heard, and both of my gigs should be quite different in terms of what songs I am doing, so come to both if you can. Yes I know there’s lots of exquisite high end events on the same nights as my gigs, but come to one at least. Also, mine are free, surely that has to count for something! :^)”

Here’s a link to Calum’s website: calumsmusic.com

Open slots that only accept euros on Edinburgh Trams ticket machines are up for grabs. Sign up around 7:15pm-7:30pm for a fifteen-minute slot (ten-minutes if busy) and then OOTB starts the ding-ding at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

Be there or be sent to hospital by Dr. Kildare…


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