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OOTB 566 – 24th May – Simon Gilmour

Hello. Summer is upon us (I think) and we have booked another amazing featured act. Simon Gilmour blew us away when he played OOTB recently. Amazing voice and catchy songs. What more could you want?
In his own words:
“It’s astonishing to think that less than two years ago Simon Gilmour had never performed in public or even written a song. Fast forward 20 or so months, a good few live performances and some well earned praise and we have a new comer deserving of much attention. The music is, without doubt, rhythmically pleasing and vocally easy on the ears, but it is in the lyrics that Simon Gilmour is set apart. His style is observational and oxymoronically both introspective and uplifting. Simon’s musical influences span the decades, and the genres, from Stevie Wonder to Prince to Jason Mraz, but in every respect Simon is a new talent, fresh and incomparable. Fast forward another 20 months or so and with the right exposure and a fair share of luck we should be looking at a young artist well on his way.”

Regular slots are available, sign up 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB kicks off feeling comfortably numb at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

OOTB are having an annual general meeting on Thursday 26th June 8pm at our regular venue to discuss events and the future of OOTB. This meeting has an open invite if you wish to join in the forthcoming discussions. We are always looking for volunteers to help out with hosting, sound-desking, setting equipment up (and down) etc. Maybe you fancy a shot as a member of the OOTB committee? Fresh blood with new ideas are always welcome.

Be there or be another brick in the wall somewhere…


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