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OOTB 573 – 12th July – Tau Boo

TBLive1dHello. This week’s featured act wasn’t invited or asked to play at all, but had the brash audacity to desperately and embarrassingly plead for the headline accolade that is more deserving of other worthwhile artists. Tau Boo himself even declares that he can’t really sing, he’s more like someone who is mimicking those who can actually sing. Marry that with a guitar style that is all fingers and thumbs which is also recklessly masked by delay/reverberation effects, and of course he’s been careless enough to unwittingly catch at least three nasty colds this year already. A good source has informed him that brewing fresh ginger as tea everyday should help. So if you don’t want to witness a clumsy great pretender who smells of ginger then avoid at all costs. Here’s a link to his website which is a work in progress: tauboo.co.uk

Do you possess a better natural sounding scent to entice our ears and noses? Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and then OOTB starts brewing the talent tea at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

Be there or be forever entwined in Tau Boo’s badly needing to be cut mess of hair…


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