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OOTB 575 – 26th July – Mike Donaghy

Mike DonaghyHello. This will be our last OOTB until after the festival. So we’re really pleased to feature Mike Donaghy – a fantastic Irish Singer-Songwriter who has visited us a few times in the past.

In his own words:
“Mike Donaghy has been making a name for himself in Ireland and the UK since releasing his first EP (January never came this year) back in 2009. His music and writing has a very inimitable sound, occasionally being linked to folk, Americana and bluegrass. Mike grew up to the sounds of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, The Beatles and Van Morrison being played out from every sound system in the house. He was also fortunate to grow up in a musical family, and a home never short of instruments, and his father working as a TV producer and director, and more importantly, on music shows. He remembers vividly sitting round the fire at home joining in and learning songs with such legends as the Clancy Brothers, June Tabor, Ralph McTell, Keiran Goss, Sonny Curtis and long time friends the Sands Family”

So why not come down and bring your songs and enjoy our pre-festival bash?

Here’s a link to Mike’s website: www.mikedonaghyofficial.com

Gaping wide open slots await your tightly wound G-strings. Sign up 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB will start rubbing your brass nuts to a high sheen at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

Be there or be savagely minced into a shepherd’s pie horse-meat scare…


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