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OOTB 617 – 7th November – Open Slots

Open SlotsHello. After a longer than expected break, Out Of The Bedroom returns this Saturday – but with a small difference. OOTB will be running as an unplugged acoustic-only night from now because our venue, the Kilderkin bar, can no longer store our equipment. We are therefore looking for a new venue where we can go back to running it with amplification.

The Kilderkin has been a great venue, but unfortunately due to Council regulations they are no longer able to store our PA equipment and instruments.

So if any of you have any ideas about pubs or other venues that might be suitable hosts for the night, we’d love to hear from you.

We are ideally looking for somewhere with a separate room or area so that people who don’t want to listen to the music can go elsewhere to chat, and we don’t have to compete with too much background noise.

We would need to be able to store our equipment in a secure location at the venue when not being used, so it’s most likely we would be looking at places that don’t already run their own music events.

We’d also like it if we didn’t have to worry about the night getting bumped when there’s a football match or other sports event on!

If you fancy performing this Saturday then sign-up time is from 7:30pm and the first performance kicks off at 8pm. There’s no featured act this week so some more slots than usual are up for grabs. Original material only.

Will be great to see you there…


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