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OOTB 677 – Thursday 4th October – Jim Bryce

The 677th Out of the Bedroom is on at Leith’s finest Woodland Creatures this Thursday, 4th October from 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Entry is free and sign up for an open mic slot is from 7.30 p.m., with 10 to 15 minutes per act depending on the number of performers. Original music only for the open slots and all music lovers are welcome.

Jim Bryce

Our feature act this week is Jim Bryce. Jim is… unique. If you want a “typical singer-songwriter” – whatever that is – you’re not going to get it. Bryce veers wildly from dissonant boogie-woogie to rock to MOR, from jazz-tinged musings to elegiac pibroch to music-hall. The influences are legion; the results unmistakably Bryce. Jim’s lyrics can be political, achingly beautiful, witty or plain daft. As a composer, he has written for BBC, theatres the length of the country, Ceebeebies and squeaky stuff for the concert-hall, with works performed at the Ravenna Festival and on the Edinburgh Fringe.

“Decidedly quirky songs, somewhere between boogie-woogie and advanced atonality” (The Scotsman) “Randy Newman after a pint of Pimms” (RBL music). “The Noel Coward for our generation.” (Joe Goldblatt) “Strums a guitar, plonks a keyboard, and has no idea why he’s here.” (Jim Bryce)

OOTB #676 took place on 20th September. Photos from the evening can be found on our Facebook page and the Out of the Bedroom 676 review is posted here. Line up was: The Old Town Rambler, Startled Bee, David Cornwall, Jonas Cimermanas, Majk Stokes, Laura Silverstone, David Paton, Annabel Jones, feature act: Rosie Smith.

See you at Woodland Creatures this Thursday…

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