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Out of the Bedroom 676 review – Thursday 20th September 2018

Running order: The Old Town Rambler, Startled Bee, David Cornwall, Jonas Cimermanas, Majk Stokes, Laura Silverstone, David Paton, Annabel Jones, feature act: Rosie Smith.

Host: Scott Candlish, Sound: James Igoe

The Old Town Rambler: ‘Mixed Up Blues’ / ‘Lay My Burden Down’ / ‘That Old Tattoo’. Classic songs, sung like a pro! Folk songs written from the perspective of people who are already dead (his words!). The most up to date song was the uptempo ‘50s rock ‘n roll number ‘That Old Tattoo’.

Startled Bee: ‘On The Jetty’ / ‘I Am A Stronger Man’ / ‘Take Me’. Beautifully sung – nice dynamics. Second song a bombastic rock song! Some epic high notes. Romantic. Very fine songwriting with some strong new material being tested this evening.

David Cornwall: ‘Caught In The Crush’ / ‘So I’ve Been Told’ / ‘Weakness of the Body’. Not known as David Guitar for nothing – something of a demon on the instrument. Quirky, understated vocal. Influenced by blues legend Joseph Spence.

Jonas Cimermanas (titles taken from lyric are a guess): ‘Waiting to be Found’ / ‘Where I Want To Be’ / ‘Burning Sun’. The loudest vocal of the evening! Plaintive guitar, efficient playing. Pulsating, brooding, ethereal, post-rock.

Majk Stokes: ‘Bear of Bad News’ / ‘Have You Fixed The Loo Yet?’ / ‘Rabbits Can’t Fart’. Humour with an environmental message. A play on words for (new) song two nodding to Leonard Cohen’s most famous song (clue: rhymes – sort of – with “fixed the loo yet”). His research into the digestive system of rabbits paid off with hilarious third song.

Laura Silverstone: ‘Stardust’ / ‘The Fog’ / ‘Amnesis’. Acoustic music with an edge. Amnesis was about “the reincarnation of the soul”. Deep. Great dynamics, nice guitar playing, confident performance. Reminded me a little of a young Stevie Nicks.

David Paton: All three songs were accordion instrumentals – David didn’t think we’d be interested in the titles. First time at OOTB and a unique character, not least in his image such as wild facial hair and Victorian-era clothing. Dynamic accordion playing and amusing, bone-dry chat between songs.

Annabel Jones (with Scott Candlish): ‘Chilled’ / ‘Dip Your Toes’. Australian Annabel – a pleasant and strong vocal with some gorgeous harmonies with host Scott, who played guitar.

Feature act Rosie Smith: ‘Standing Still’ / ‘Gentle Words’ / ‘Crossing The Line’ / ‘A Face In A Dream’ / ‘Just Ask A Moon’ / ‘Jump Leads’ / ‘The Great North Sea’ / ‘A Girl Called Lola’ / ‘All My Love To The Pentland Hills’ / ‘A Tear For Catherine Howard’. “Rosie sings folk songs”. Glorious, warm vocal. Some “bleak songs” (in her own words) but there are glimmers of hope in there. Intensely personal lyrics in the folk tradition with both modern and timeless themes. Sung in a strong, local accent. Lovely melodies with vivid colour. Melancholy. Big, sweeping, striking imagery. Poetic. A fierce intelligence behind every word and melodic line.

Review: James Igoe

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