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OOTB – A Surreal Moment In Denial

It’s Nyk Stoddart giving us the featured set this week at OOTB 398, in the Tron on Thursday (I’ve had a lot of people emailing me recently asking where and when OOTB is, check out our info page if you’re at all unsure of our particulars. So, Nyk Stoddart’s going to be playing songs from his next CD, some of which you may have heard, some not. He’ll also be accompanied by a mysterious and enigmatic cypher on the bass guitar so get yourself down there and check out the uniqueness.

Also, i wanted to mention to you something you might find very useful if you’re a songwriter, it’s The Ten Tips For Songwriters e-book, now available for FREE online. It features ten tips each from 18 songwriters (so 180 tips in total!), and it’s quite an enjoyable read too.

Out of the Bedroom 400 is nearly upon us (it’s on the 8th July) and it’s our first (and only?) covers night of 2010. Learn some covers, especially covers of someone else you’ve heard at OOTB, and come along. There should be cakes too. Not only that but there should be the return of the Out of the Bedroom reviews!!!!!!! Yes, you read correctly, OOTB 400 to 403 will be being reviewed, or that’s the plan anyway, by the good people at Visual-Opinions.com. So if you want to be reviewed, come along during the month of July, and if you would like to write a review, then get in touch with Visual-Opinions.com here.

Here’s something you may like, it’s a song being performed live by Thorn’s Musical Journey, in Colorado last month.

There are bound to be some other events on this week, obviously, there’s The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street/Bread Street, it’s on Sunday, get there before 8pm if you want to play in the opn mic section of the evening. This Friday too, there’s the McEwan’s Ale House open mic night, starting at 9pm on South Clerk Street, across the road from what used to be the Odeon. There are a lot more gigs than that though going on. This week, i’m going to let you all figure them out for yourselves. Read posters! Go and see bands you like and listen to the other bands’ sets too! it’s all good clean fun. And then see you at OOTB on Thursday.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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