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Out of the Bedroom 409

OOTB Presents…

Hi everybody and welcome to this week.

Out of the Bedroom 409

It’s Out of the Bedroom 409 this week! This was going to be the week when we reinstated the fabled “featured act” at Out of the Bedroom, however Cameron Phair has injured himself (needing six stitches!) so… He can’t play the featured act slot this week, sadly. Get well soon Cameron! This does mean however that there will be slightly more space for open slots this week. There have been such a lot of performers coming to OOTB in fact that we might have to go to two songs each to fit everyone in, we’ll see on Tuesday. While i remember, here are the photos of OOTB 408 on facebook, by Malcolm Mclean.

And that reminds me, there have been a lot of new faces at OOTB, and we’ve been out of circulation for a while, so i’m just going to take a quick opportunity to outline what you can expect to find if you come along to Out of the Bedroom. First of all, it’s on every Tuesday night at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, it’s one block south of the police station on the other side of the road. If you want to play, best get there before 7:30pm to sign up on the list, and the music starts at 8pm if you want to listen.

If you’re a performer, be assured that we have two guitars which you are free to use (though they may have rather elderly strings on them). We’ve got a PA and three microphones with stands, we also have a music stand, and there should be a couple of capos as well. We also have an electronic keyboard, but please let us know at the start of the night if you need to use it. You are also able to bring along laptops and other sonic devices and plug them into the PA if you like, but again make us aware at the start of the night.

Performers are allowed three songs or fifteen minutes, whichever comes first, unless the host says otherwise, as i mentioned before, if there are a lot of performers, we might cut it down to two songs each. The other thing we do is “squashees” which are one song slots for people who arrived too late to get a full size slot. Also, another thing we sometimes do is the people who performed last week might only get to do one song, in order to give people who weren’t there the previous week a chance to do three songs.

February Album Writing Month

FAWM.org - 14 songs in 28 days

FAWM.org - 14 songs in 28 days

Calling all songwriters, i’ve mentioned this before, but now’s the moment, if you’ve not signed up at www.fawm.org yet then get in gear, because FAWM starts on Tuesday 1 February! If you’re not aware, FAWM’s a challenge to songwriters to write 14 new songs during the month of February. In reality, it’s a hub of collaboration and creativity, with hundreds of songwriters communicating online for the whole month and beyond. Join in, it’s great, and the worst that could happen is you’ll end up with some new songs. Here’s where you can sign up, here’s more information about the event, and if you’re still in any doubt, check out how wacky and fun these songwriters are on the web forum!

This Week In Music

Well, there are a ton of things happening as usual, and so far this year everything i’ve been at has been really busy, so it’s looking positive for 2011 in my view. Let’s see, well tonight it’s The Listening Room, though i’m not sure who the featured act is, the open mic section starts at 8pm anyway.

Tomorrow, the Captain’s Bar have their usual Monday night singer-songwriter session.

On Tuesday (in addition to being the first day of FAWM!) it’s Out of the Bedroom 409. 8pm at the Montague Bar. Open slots all night, before we start the featured act slots again next week.

It’s Acoustic Edinburgh on Tuesday as well, starring Augustalia, which is in Medina at 8pm i think. It’s unfortunate we’re on the same night as them, but that’s the way it goes, too many gigs, not enough evenings…

On Wednesday 2 February it’s Secret CDs. Here’s what to expect this month: Fitzroy Soul, Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands, Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions, and Man Gone Missing. it’s only £2 (£2 if you buy a CD), and it’s in the Voodoo Rooms on West Register Street at 8pm (7:30pm doors) on Wednesday.

Thursday, have an early night so you can be fresh and chipper for the McEwans Ale House open mic on Friday night, starting at 9pm in the McEwans Ale House across the road from the old Odeon. It’s always a right rollicking bundle of jocularity, and no mistake.

And by the weekend of course, those of you who signed up to FAWM will already be busy writing songs. I’ll post some links next week, if any Edinburgh songwriters get any new songs uploaded by then…

See you at OOTB!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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