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OOTB 410 – Caro Bridges and the River

Hi everybody,

First of all, it gives me great pleasure to announce the return of the Out of the Bedroom featured act slot, and it gives me even greater pleasure to announce that the first featured act slot (this week on Tuesday 8 Feb) is the incomparable Caro Bridges and the River. Great songs, great performers. That’s it, don’t miss it!

There will, of course, be the usual open mic slots, so do come along (by 7:30pm if you’d like to perform) for that as well. And bring your mates! We’re by no means a performers only club, and the standard of performance has been very high at OOTB, and can only improve with the reinisitalisation of the featured act slots. It’d make a great (free) pub night out for anyone who likes music. So tell all (and also sundry) about it, they don’t know what they’re missing.

On the subject of featured act slots, remember you can check out who we’ve got coming up at any time on www.outofthebedroom.co.uk as well as on the OOTB myspace.

Then on Wednesday 9 Feb, it’s the second episode of Edinburgh Unplugged, this month featuring OOTB favourites Sir Tom Watton, Dave (heroininanutshell) Robertson, as well as recent Listening Room headliners Underclass and Metaltech (playing their first ever “acoustech” set! A once in a lifetime opportunity to hear this!)

Friday, you know about the McEwan’s Ale House open mic on Clerk Street at 9pm for 9:30pm, lovely bar, lovely open mic night.

Sunday, there’s quite a few things on, there’s the Listening Room, open mic at 8pm, featured act at 9pm, and it’s in the Blue Blazer on Bread Street every Sunday.

Also every Sunday, Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket run a 3pm afternoon instore gig, called Hair Of The Dog Sundays, the next one (on 13 Feb) is Underclass, though i don’t know if they’re playing acoustic or electric, why not go along and find out? Also, check out the list of upcoming bands performing at Hair of the Dog, it looks great.

And if you’re in Leith on Sunday, there’s an open mic night there too, here’s what they say about it: “Open Mic Night, every Thursday night in The Parlour Bar, Duke Street, Leith. Music kicks off at 8pm and it runs to 11.30pm. All musicians are welcome and we love to hear original material as well as covers, and we also like to encourage musicians who maybe feel their style of music might not always fit in with the more traditional acoustic open mics. Every performer gets a home-made cake (made by host, Packets O'Shea) and a free drink.” and here’s their FB page for more info.

That’s it, see you on Tuesday, and hopefully round the place as well. Keep your eyes open, because i get invites, on FB and such, through the week, to tons of good stuff that i’ve not mentioned here, and i’m sure you do as well. Example, i didn’t know this time last week about Saturday’s Battle of the Bands at Maggie’s Chambers, which Augustalia won (congratulations to them!), but also Miasma were playing there as well as many other great bands, shame i missed it actually. So yeah, keep your eyes open, there’s a lot of good entertainment in Edinburgh at the moment, more than there’s ever been, regardless of what anybody might say. You notice the people who claim Edinburgh doesn’t have a good music scene are the same people who never go out to anything?

Anyway, see you all on Tuesday,

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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  1. Ping from Ben:

    There’s a nice yet tragicomic happening here at:


    Personal storis about song lyrics that mean a lot to us — with a disclaimer that none of the public submissions are allowed to QUOTE any of the song lyrics that mean anything to us.

    The hand of the mafia-driven music industry lies heavy on this otherwise beautiful project. Edinburgh song writers, you know what you need to do!

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