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Free MP3 + OOTB 420 ft Ross Neilson

Hello everybody, and welcome to another OOTB email!

First of all i need to tell you about this (click here) I spotted this on Malcolm Mclean’s FB profile! Awesome! Just click the squares. Great fun.

This week at Out of the Bedroom, the featured act is Ross Neilson, who’s just brought out a new CD, which will be available on the night, and that’s Tuesday 19th April at 8pm (7:30pm if you want to sign up for an open slot). Last week’s was great by the way, Lost Telegrams came along, and Andro Sneddon from Something Illustrated, and to be honest the general standard was high as usual. Well, you all knew that already…

Here’s this week’s free MP3, it’s Nick Splinter Smith doing his song “Patience Has Left The Building” from his Impressionistika CD, which you can buy from him only in person at Out of the Bedroom on Tuesdays or at The Ale House on Fridays! Here’s this song as a taster:


Also, remember these downloads expire after a few weeks, so if you didn’t get the previous mp3s, now’s the time to do it. Just scroll through the OOTB website to find the download links.

Right, time for this week’s gigs. Well, if you’re reading this on Sunday 17 April, then get yourself along to Bannerman’s for Neoviolet‘s last gig with the classic five-piece lineup. It’s an 8pm start, and it costs £4 for three acts, one of which is Neoviolet.

Also tonight (Sun 17 April) it’s Sam Barber at The Listening Room, 8pm for the open slots, 9pm for Sam Barber, and it’s at The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street.

On Tuesday 19th, it’s OOTB featuring Ross Neilson, of course.

Sam Barber and the Outcasts are also playing at The Wee Red Bar on Wednesday 20 April at 7:30pm though the FB event doesn’t say if it costs or if anyone else is on the bill.

Also on Wednesday 20 April, The Montague (home of OOTB) are having an Innis & Gunn tasting evening! It begins at 8pm.

On Friday 22 April, it’s this month’s Haight Ashbury Love Music at The City Cafe, and it starts at 8pm, featuring Dead Man’s Waltz, Appassionados, and Miyagi, plus DJ Lexington III all for only £3/4.

Also on Friday for free at The Captain’s Bar, it’s Stefan Van de Sande, on tour from Holland. I don’t think it costs, it starts at 8:30pm anyway.

Then next Sunday (24 April) Augustalia are playing at Maggie’s Chamber. It’s a 6pm start, kicking off with Arran Arctic, and wall to wall bands until midnight.

Phew! Then we’re back to the start of next week!
Right, tell everyone about our free MP3s please, and get yourself along to some gigs, including OOTB!

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom

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