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OOTB 419 – Sam Barber and the Outcasts

OOTB Presents…

Hi everybody,

Sam Barber and the Outcasts are the featured act at OOTB this week. Controversial, witty, moving, no doubt they will be all of these things. And it’s free! How can you justify being anywhere else this Tuesday? 🙂 So that’s at the Montague Bar on St Leonards street at 8pm on Tuesday 12 April and it’s free.

Aaaaand… It’s the featured MP3. This week it’s Lorelei Loveridge, who you may be familiar with from the Performing Songwriters United Worldwide FB group.

Now look, if you know anybody who appreciates free and exclusive mp3 downloads, then please point them to www.outofthebedroom.co.uk and get them to sign up to the email list. Feel free to link to the site in your FB and MySpace updates as well, after all we’re giving away free mp3s and we want as many people as possible to get the chance to download them.

Canadian artist Lorelei Loveridge lived for 11 years in Saudi Arabia, pre and post 9/11, and loved it. She experienced religious zealots, compound invasions, a terrorist chase, earthquake, tsunami, war in Lebanon, crazy drivers, nutty expats and more and survived to tell the tales in story and song. Loveridge is the founder of Performing Songwriters United Worldwide (PSUW) on Facebook. She is based in Doha, Qatar at present and returns frequently to the UK, where Manchester is home.

In the spirit of supporting those in Japan at this time, this is a song I wrote after being in the earthquake but missing the 2004 Asian tsunami while on Penang Island in Malaysia. Almost 50 people died on a beach I was to visit that afternoon, but instead by the grace of life I took myself to a Buddhist stupa that day. This is for the survivors of tsunami…everywhere.

(right click to save mp3)


Buy Bakhoor: http://www.cdbaby.com/loreleiloveridge or from iTunes

Okay, i’ve just got a few events to tell you about this week, though I know the capital is blistering with great events too numerous to mention here.

Tuesday 12 April – It’s Out of the Bedroom, this week the featured act are Sam Barber and the Outcasts, of course! Always lively, always entertaining, and it should be interesting to see them in the intimate environs of the Montague Bar as well. 8pm start, free entry.

Wednesday 13 April – It’s Edinburgh Unplugged at the Royal Oak on Infirmary Street. It’s at 8pm and it’s ONLY £2 for four acts!!! This month featuring: The Dead Kalm Project (who are better known round Edinburgh as Sacre Noir), Nicky Carder playing a rare solo set, Hailey Beavis (definitely one to watch, or more accurately to listen to), and Augustalia, who have been moulding their upfront sound into something that will fit into the Royal Oak!

Friday 15 April – I always enjoy the Ale House Open Mic night when i can make it along, and you will too. It’s at 9:30pm in the Ale House on Clerk Street, opposite the old Odeon. And it’s free.

Saturday 16 April – In the Captain’s Bar, round the side of the Old College on Nicolson Street, it’s Peter Michael Rowan running a session. Bring yourselves, and maybe even your instruments and Peter will preside over what will no doubt be a rollicking and jolly jam session. 8:30pm start, and of course it’s free.

Sunday 17 April – When i make it along, i always enjoy the Listening Room too, at the Blue Blazer on the corner of Bread and Spittal Streets. Open mic from 8pm, featured act from 9pm, free entry.

Hmm, okay, surely that’s enough for now, hope to see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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