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OOTB 421 – Gavin Taylor

This week OOTB presents Gavin Taylor – He’s really good. He’s been along to OOTB a few times now and blinded us all with his excellent bluesy (but original) music. But if you’re there tonight (Tue 26 April), you’ll be able to hear what i mean for yourself.

Oh it’s been a week, it really has. Sorry for the lateness of the OOTB email this week by the way. I’m not going to even do the whole gig list or even the free MP3 this week, so check out the OOTB website and make sure you’ve got all four of the ones we’ve already provided instead. And for gigs you’ll just have to rely on your own instincts this week, i’m afraid. Do come along to OOTB this evening though, it’ll be good. Then you can get into full gear for the inevitable street parties i know you’re all itching to be part of on Friday…

Back to our normally scheduled programming next week though.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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