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OOTB 399 featuring Dan Gillan

It’s the enigmatic Dan Gillan playing the featured slot this week, you’ve heard his myspace, now come and hear him in the flesh! And get there early enough and you could sign up for an open mic slot too. It’s actually been pleasantly busy even considering the sunny weather, looks like you can’t keep those diehard music types away! Also, bring a pound coin for your chance to enter the prize draw and win “something” from the Silver Bag O’ Dreams!

OOTB 372 – 10 Dec 2009

Dan Collins, Mo-Medicine, Coral, James Whyte, Cat Called Paris, Michael Patrick, Luis.

OOTB 354 – 4 August 2009

A hugely enjoyable night at the the Tron as we experience life upstairs for the first time!

OOTB 352 – 21 Jul 2009

Line up: Steven Carey, Michael (debut), Mike Barnard (debut), Paul Gladwell, Broken Tooth, Ibi (debut), Ian Tilling, Freeloadin’ Frank, Cameron Phair, Graeme Laird.

OOTB 351 – 14 July 2009

It’s a surprisingly populous evening tonight, and a varied one at that. Let’s find out what happened…

OOTB 350 – 7 July 2009

It is serendipitous that Darren Thornberry’s last night with OOTB, before he flies off Stateside, is also one of our grand birthdays, so it is only fitting that he compere. Darren enjoys these sorts of events so much, he always proposes fancy dress. Tonight is no exception. It is also no exception that he is the only one wearing any fancy dress, which consists of a wolf mask. Papa Bear to Werewolf in one easy step.

OOTB 349 – 30 June 2009

Nicky Carder This was an impromptu set from Nicky. Her first song, ‘In Hiding’ was by request. She instantly hits us with her stunning voice and I get goosebumps. Her second song was about her favourite pair of purple shoes. I just love the fact that she can write a song about shoes, it really […]

OOTB 348 – 23 June 2009

OOTB 23/06/09 Calum and Jimmy Carlyle Orkney’s finest kick us off with a jaunty tale of childhood games and playing soldiers in the street, named eerily ‘Commando’. Their second is a protest song which talks of ‘the promise of better days’. Jimmy has the rhythm on guitar, while Calum embellishes on Mandolin, giving warmth to […]

OOTB 347 – 16 June 2009

It was a quiet night at the Tron compared with the exceptional throngs we have had in recent weeks, but all the best people were there. In fact Liam Gallagher popped in: I didn’t have the gall to ask him if he knew any Oasis covers, but if you are reading this, then there is a good chance you missed it. That’s your fault. Man, you should have been there.

OOTB 345 – 2 June 2009

Review by Darren Thornberry Story time with JOHNNY GUITAR. Did you know he once performed nude in Hair and protested Princess Anne in an episode of Rebus? We learn all this before the first string is plucked. My love is like a feather in the night: melancholy tune written on Arran. Following are a couple […]

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