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OOTB Presents…

Hello music lovers! OOTB 423 was indeed great, here are Malcolm McLean’s pictures of the night. This week it’s Jason Kyrone who will be gracing us with his wide ranging singer-songwriting talents. Come to OOTB at The Montague Bar at 8pm on Tuesday (7:30pm to sign up for an open slot) and be part of the action. 🙂

Before we go on I wanted to share with you a piece of prose writing by Colin Milne called On The Riviera. Colin performed this at OOTB a few weeks ago, and has kindly given us permission to reproduce the text here on the OOTB website. Hope you enjoy it. It also gives me an opportunity for me to point out our “Lyrics And Writings” section of the website, if you have any poetry or prose you’d like to share with the list, just let me know.

This week’s featured mp3 is by… me! Yes, while we’re giving away an MP3 every week, i thought i might as well join in. If you too want to give away an MP3 in this mailing list, then send your mp3 and a bit of a blurb about your music to: outofthebedroom@gmail.com and i’ll make sure it gets included.

In the meantime, here’s an acoustic demo recording of a song which will be on my next album “Vicious Circle”. That album’s going to be on vinyl, but it’s not going to be out until 2012, it’ll be a full size rock album, but in the meantime check out this stripped down demo version of In All Things There Is A Proper Order. Special thanks to OOTB chairman Daniel Davis for recording this song, this demo is actually the sound of me writing the song into a microphone.

Calum Carlyle – In All Things There Is A Proper Order

(right click to download)

Also in the meantime, check out all these links to my existing music:



Colin Milne

Colin Milne


Okay, this week’s events…

Tonight (Sun 15 May) it’s touring musician from York, Mark Wynn at The Listening Room (at The Blue Blazer, open slots 8pm to 9pm, Mark Wynn from 9pm to 10pm).

On Tuesday at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, it’s Out of the Bedroom 424 featuring Jason Kyrone, an interesting songwriter with rich songs. Check out a sample of his music on our event page. It’s an 8pm start to the evening, or 7:30pm if you want to sign up for an open slot.

On Wednesday 18th May at the Melville Lounge, from 8:30pm, it’s an Acoustic Open Mic Night. You need to contact them in advance if you’d like to play, here’s the FB event.

On Friday 20 May, it’s The Elements and Paul Gilbody at The One Below on Rutland Street. It’s 8pm for 9pm and it’s a fiver to get in.

Also on Friday 20 May, Bainbridge Music presents a free gig at Nobles Bar, on Constitution Street in Leith. The bands are Echo Arcadia and The Remnant Kings, first band are on at 10pm, and it’s free, as i said!

On Saturday 21 May, The Alibis (the band of OOTBer Gareth Fitzgerald) are playing at Electric Circus on Sat May 21st (7pm), not sure what it costs, but i’m sure it’ll be more than reasonable!

Also on Saturday 21 May, Peter Michael Rowan is performing at The Captain’s Bar (it’s round the side of the Old College, off Nicolson Street) Not sure of the start time, but i’m betting it’s 8pm or 8:30pm.

Next Sunday (Sun 22 May) it’s The Ferny Brackens at The Listening Room (at The Blue Blazer, open slots 8pm to 9pm, Ferny Brackens from 9pm to 10pm).

Also on Sunday 22 May, Lipsync For A Lullaby, and The Black Diamond Express are both performing with The Tinderbox Orchestra at Pilrig St Paul’s church on Leith Walk. It’s 7pm for 7:30pm, and it costs £7/5 to get in, and it’s BYOB for over 18s.

Phew! Fit that in your calendar! See you all out there in musicland, till next week…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom


OOTB 419 – Sam Barber and the Outcasts

Posted 11/04/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents…

Hi everybody,

Sam Barber and the Outcasts are the featured act at OOTB this week. Controversial, witty, moving, no doubt they will be all of these things. And it’s free! How can you justify being anywhere else this Tuesday? 🙂 So that’s at the Montague Bar on St Leonards street at 8pm on Tuesday 12 April and it’s free.

Aaaaand… It’s the featured MP3. This week it’s Lorelei Loveridge, who you may be familiar with from the Performing Songwriters United Worldwide FB group.

Now look, if you know anybody who appreciates free and exclusive mp3 downloads, then please point them to www.outofthebedroom.co.uk and get them to sign up to the email list. Feel free to link to the site in your FB and MySpace updates as well, after all we’re giving away free mp3s and we want as many people as possible to get the chance to download them.

Canadian artist Lorelei Loveridge lived for 11 years in Saudi Arabia, pre and post 9/11, and loved it. She experienced religious zealots, compound invasions, a terrorist chase, earthquake, tsunami, war in Lebanon, crazy drivers, nutty expats and more and survived to tell the tales in story and song. Loveridge is the founder of Performing Songwriters United Worldwide (PSUW) on Facebook. She is based in Doha, Qatar at present and returns frequently to the UK, where Manchester is home.

In the spirit of supporting those in Japan at this time, this is a song I wrote after being in the earthquake but missing the 2004 Asian tsunami while on Penang Island in Malaysia. Almost 50 people died on a beach I was to visit that afternoon, but instead by the grace of life I took myself to a Buddhist stupa that day. This is for the survivors of tsunami…everywhere.

(right click to save mp3)


Buy Bakhoor: http://www.cdbaby.com/loreleiloveridge or from iTunes

Okay, i’ve just got a few events to tell you about this week, though I know the capital is blistering with great events too numerous to mention here.

Tuesday 12 April – It’s Out of the Bedroom, this week the featured act are Sam Barber and the Outcasts, of course! Always lively, always entertaining, and it should be interesting to see them in the intimate environs of the Montague Bar as well. 8pm start, free entry.

Wednesday 13 April – It’s Edinburgh Unplugged at the Royal Oak on Infirmary Street. It’s at 8pm and it’s ONLY £2 for four acts!!! This month featuring: The Dead Kalm Project (who are better known round Edinburgh as Sacre Noir), Nicky Carder playing a rare solo set, Hailey Beavis (definitely one to watch, or more accurately to listen to), and Augustalia, who have been moulding their upfront sound into something that will fit into the Royal Oak!

Friday 15 April – I always enjoy the Ale House Open Mic night when i can make it along, and you will too. It’s at 9:30pm in the Ale House on Clerk Street, opposite the old Odeon. And it’s free.

Saturday 16 April – In the Captain’s Bar, round the side of the Old College on Nicolson Street, it’s Peter Michael Rowan running a session. Bring yourselves, and maybe even your instruments and Peter will preside over what will no doubt be a rollicking and jolly jam session. 8:30pm start, and of course it’s free.

Sunday 17 April – When i make it along, i always enjoy the Listening Room too, at the Blue Blazer on the corner of Bread and Spittal Streets. Open mic from 8pm, featured act from 9pm, free entry.

Hmm, okay, surely that’s enough for now, hope to see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

Hi everybody,

We’ve got a very special featured act for you this week, it’s Lorraine McCauley. She’s moving to England very shortly, and this will be her final gig before she goes. Don’t miss it! Seriously, don’t. That’s at Out of the Bedroom 417, at the Montague Bar, 8pm start (7:30pm if you want to perform in one of the open slots), and it’s free to get in!

If that’s not enough for you, this week we’re beginning our “Featured MP3 series, and to kick us off, it’s an excellent song from Lorraine McCauley:

Haunt Me by Lorraine McCauley
Here’s an alternative download link (right click to save)

Lorraine’s very very good, and you can hear more of her music on her myspace page. Now, be aware this mp3 will only be available on the OOTB website for the next three weeks, so get it quick while it’s hot.

Now, we had our AGM last week and elected the new OOTB committee, which is as follows:

Chairman: Daniel Davis
Secretary: Nyk Stoddart
Treasurer: Steve Osborne
Sound Officer: Malcolm Mclean
Events Officer: Tom Watton
Web Officer: Calum Carlyle

I’ll be updating the website with a nice friendly “meet the gang” page sometime soon.

Right, on to the upcoming events…

Tonight (Sun 27 Mar) it’s Emma Kullander at the Listening Room, at the Blue Blazer on Bread Street, open slots from 8pm, Emma is on from 9pm, and it’s free.

Also tonight (Sunday 27th March) at Whistle Binkies on Niddry Street. Supermarionation (http://www.supermarionation.co.uk) will be live and on stage at about 9:30pm for a good 45 minutes. And it’s free.

And then there’s OOTB on Tuesday at the Montague and also the Ale House open mic at 9:30pm in the Ale House on Clerk Street on Friday (1 April, but also every Friday). There are a lot more gigs going on by the way, but most of the gig invites i’ve had recently have been bands that haven’t ever come along to OOTB, so i can’t really justify pushing them here, but check your FB inbox and i bet you’ll find a ton of good gigs to go to.

Okay, don’t miss Lorraine on Tuesday, and keep an eye on www.outofthebedroom.co.uk for details of who we’ve got coming up in future weeks, there will be some special performances for sure (plenty of you missed Colin Milne‘s excellent performance last week, plenty of you did come along though, and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as i did. But don’t worry, I’m going to put him on at Edinburgh Unplugged soon i hope, so you can come and hear him in all his acoustic glory).

Oh yes, and remember to go and check out the web forums, there are plenty of songwriters already hanging out there, go and make some connections or find a new performer to enjoy. Ok, see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 412 – Paper Truth

Posted 20/02/2011 By admin
OOTB Presents…

Welcome to another week! Click the links! Go to the gigs! Get involved! Do it now before it’s too late!!!

Okay, this week the featured act is Paper Truth, a quirky and original songwriter that you may have heard at Out of the Bedroom recently, and if you were at January’s Edinburgh Unplugged, you’ve heard him for sure. Well, you can get another dose of his to-the-point pop on Tuesday (22 Feb) at the Montague Bar on the corner of Montague and St Leonards Streets.

While i’m at it, hope you’ve all seen the review of OOTB 410, it were a good ‘un. Nice to get a review as well, so thanks, chaps, for doing this.

Also, might i mention the OOTB AGM? For the first time in over a year and a half, we’re having an Out of the Bedroom Annual General Meeting to elect a new committee and discuss many things which relate to the running of the night. If you want to get involved with Out of the Bedroom in any way, then come along to the OOTB AGM on 24th March. Time and location are still to be confirmed, but what’s life without a bit of uncertainty, after all?

Okay, now onto a few current events. Today (Sun 20 Feb), there are tons. at 3pm, Red Dog Music have got the Ordinary Allstars at 3pm (for free), then at 5pm at The Forest it’s the TransCollectiV (featuring Nick Splinter Smith), also for free. Then at 8pm you’ve got a choice. It’s The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer from 8pm, featuring John Mowbray from Fanattica, or else it’s Tim Holehouse and Duncan from Electric Mud Generator playing at Forest (also 8pm, also free).

Tomorrow (Mon 21 Feb), migrant volunteers invite you to attend an evening of stories, songs and poems on the theme of love, featuring Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands. It’s from 6pm to 9pm at the Fort Community Wing on North Fort Street, and i’m fairly certain it’s free. I’ll certainly be checking this out.

On Thursday (24 Feb) at Cab Vol, it’s The Industry, Three Long Words and Curators. It’s a 7pm start and it’s £4 to get in. It’s been a while since i’ve been to see some impressive young rock bands, so i think i’ll be at that one too, if the good lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise…

On Friday (25 Feb) at Word Of Mouth (on the corner of Albert Street and Leith Walk), it’s an LGBT open mic night in support of LGBT gay / lesbian / transgender History Month. It’s free to get in, BYOB, and it’s 7pm-10pm.

Then on Saturday 26 Feb Underclass are launching their single at the Bongo Club, i assume it’s a 7pm start because they told me they’d be on just before 9pm (though i am sure their support acts are worth checking out too, though again, they didn’t tell me who they were). £5 admission.

Also on Saturday 26 Feb you could go and see Supermarionation (featuring OOTB regular Steve Tonge) at Cabaret Voltaire, also starring Night Noise Team, UKReign and The Regiment, £6 entry, 7pm start.

Then on Sunday we’re back to where we started! More music listings from me next week, hope to see you out there at one of these events, it’s great fun, i promise you. Especially the new look Out of the Bedroom at the Montague.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 399 featuring Dan Gillan

Posted 29/06/2010 By admin

It’s the enigmatic Dan Gillan playing the featured slot this week, you’ve heard his myspace, now come and hear him in the flesh! And get there early enough and you could sign up for an open mic slot too. It’s actually been pleasantly busy even considering the sunny weather, looks like you can’t keep those diehard music types away! Also, bring a pound coin for your chance to enter the prize draw and win “something” from the Silver Bag O’ Dreams!

Also DON’T FORGET, we’ve got Out of the Bedroom number 400 coming up on the 8th of July, that’s NEXT WEEK, and you’re all welcome to participate in the extravaganza. It’s covers night, and you’re particularly encouraged to cover a song by another OOTBer. Start rehearsing now! Oh yes, there’ll be cakes too, did i mention that? Also, the evening will be reviewed by visual-opinions.com (according to my sources) so if you’d like to read what a total stranger thinks about your music then get yourself along next week, or any of the following three weeks. And, if you’d like to be a reviewer, then please get in touch with visual-opinions.com sooner rather than later, letting them know how often you’d like to review, and any other questions or concerns you may have about it.

Secret CDs is on tomorrow (30th July) at 7:30pm at The Phoenix Cellar Bar which is on Broughton Street, as usual a fine selection of live acts can be heard for only two quid. This month they are: Thank You So Nice, who you’d have heard if you were at the Lindsay And The Storm gig last month at the Voodoo Rooms, The Green Lights, making a return visit to Secret CDs, Sophie Ramsay, who i have to admit is a particular favourite of mine, in that her ethereal performances are quite different to most of Edinburgh’s acoustic acts, and Stephen Harrison, a bass voiced songsmith in the classic tradition, so i hear!

On Friday 2nd July (this Friday), come along to the debut of a new Edinburgh musical showcase, called Magic Letters. It starts at 9pm, it’s in The Forest Cafe on Bristo Place, and it’s FREE to get in. This Friday, featured acts will be Sam Barber and the Outcasts, the ever increasing acoustic punk pop combo, Calum Carlyle and Sam Bradley, playing new versions of tracks from Honesty And Thorns, and Mutant Lodge (featuring Nyk Stoddart) flexing his musical muscles in preparation for a CD launch in the not-so-distant future. For a free Friday night, that’s not bad.

Here’s something a little bit more unusual, it’s a creativity competition. Check it out, there are prizes and money to be won, if you are a creative type, a musician, filmmaker, artist or photographer etc, then take a minute to have a look.

On Sunday, it’s the final of the Livingston Battle of the Bands. Usually i wouldn’t mention this, since it’s my personal opinion that Battles of Bands are counter to the spirit of real music, but perhaps that’s a discussion for another day because in this case one of the bands in the finals are former OOTB darlings Jump Press A! They’re so cuddly, you won’t be able to resist zipping out to Da’ Vinci’s Hotel in Livingston to support them at 6:30pm this Sunday (4th July). Here’s what the band have to say: “Hey Guys, We would really love it if you could come and support us in the FINAL of the DaVinci’s Battle of the Bands.If you can take a car and fill up the extra seats, we will pay your entry fee and if you would like a space in a car share get in touch!” – So, how can you pass an offer like that up? Look them up on Facebook and get in touch.

Other things that are on are: tomorrow (Wednesday 30th June), The Southern Bar open mic night starts at 8:30pm, and it’s at The Southern Bar, 22 South Cleark Street. Then on Friday, as usual, there’s the aptly named McEwan’s Ale House Open Mic from 9pm, at McEwan’s Ale House at 22 Clerk Street, and on Sunday, there’s the ever popular Listening Room at The Blue Blazer at 8pm, on the corner of Spittal and Bread streets, and it’s also free. This week the featured act at The Listening Room is unconfirmed at this time. Watch this space –>    .

One other thing i’m going to mention is an email i got this week from Miyagi, here’s the gist: “You may or may not have heard of a wee Facebook campaign going on just now called Storm The Charts. Essentially they have chosen 40 independent artists who would not normally have the opportunity to get in the charts and are attempting to get as many of them as possible into the charts in the same week.” so, the upshot is Miyagi want you to go to Amazon or iTunes and buy their track “Cry Cry Cry”.

OOTB 397 – Susanna MacDonald…

Posted 15/06/2010 By admin

This week we’re being treated to a feature set by Susanna MacDonald. Her CD “Some Misconceptions” was bluesbunny.com‘s CD of the month last month. Susanna’s got a full size cabaret show on during the Edinburgh Festival which I strongly urge you to go and see, it’s got my recommendation anyway. This week at OOTB however, expect a more intimate and acoustic gig from Susanna, though i’d be surprised if there aren’t a few surprises as well!

There’s also the usual open mic slots, chances to win big with the Silver Bag o’ Dreams and much more zany originalness will also be available this Thursday, an evening of fun for all the family. Also DON’T FORGET, we’ve got Out of the Bedroom number 400 coming up on the 8th of July, and you’re all welcome to participate in the extravaganza. It’s covers night, and you’re particularly encouraged to cover a song by another OOTBer. Start rehearsing now! 🙂

Okay, we’re onto the “also happening this week…” section. First of all, come along to Electric Circus tonight, it’s twelve bands for a fiver, proceeds go to the charity Cash For Kids, and my (Calum Carlyle) shiny new band will be playing a four song set (sometime after about 8:30pm we think). The evening starts at 6pm, finishes at 10pm, and it’s at Electric Circus on Market Street.

If you don’t fancy that, then consider going along to the Roxy Art House on Roxburgh Place for mayhew‘s EP launch. They’re playing at Glastonbury, so it’s bound to be packed! 8pm start, 11pm finish and it’s £2 admission.

Then on Wednesday it’s Doctor Ruby’s at The Jazz Bar on Chambers Street, featuring Black Diamond Express, Aaron Wright and the Aprils and The Electric Ghosts. Doors: 8pm, entry £4/£3 concessions, or £3/£2 (before 9pm).

On Thursday it’s OOTB ft Susanna MacDonald of course, and then on Friday, Word of Mouth are having another open mic night, they’re always great fun, so come along. It starts at 7:30pm and it’s at Word of Mouth cafe, 3a Albert Street (just off Leith Walk). It’s free to get in and it’s BYOB.

This Saturday, as part of the Leith Festival, come along to Great Junction Street Studios at 125 Great Junction Street for their Open Day. there’ll be booze and music, and also cakes, hand made by the now-famous Georgie from Neoviolet! Admission is £1, doors open at 2pm, Also, there’ll be plenty of live music of course, as well as some spoken word performances. Performers in full are: Mutant Lodge, Euan Currie, Steve Callaghan, Sons of Fionn, Women’s Writing Group, Sacre Noir, Steve Redman, Graeme Smith, Black Sea Sailors, Calum Carlyle & Sam Bradley. So, Mutant Lodge is on at 2:30pm, Sacre Noir are on at 4:30pm and I’ll be playing at 6:30pm with the awesometastic Sam Bradley on bass. I really recommend you stick around for the whole day, because i’ve heard most of these acts and liked them a lot.

Then on Saturday night, if you’re up for going to Glasgow, it’s Ballboy and Eagleowl performing at Pivo Pivo. Admission’s £8.50 and it starts at 8pm.

As usual, there’s the aptly named McEwan’s Ale House Open Mic on Friday from 9pm, and on Sunday, come along to The Blue Blazer for the ever popular Listening Room at 8pm, it’s also free. This week the featured act at The Listening Room is Juan x Juan.

OOTB – Counting The Days….

Posted 21/12/2010 By admin

Not long now, i bet you’re all counting the days… That’s right, it’s only four weeks till OOTB starts again! 🙂  Our “welcome back” evening will be at the Montague, on the corner of St Leonard’s and Montague Street, on Tuesday 18th January, and then on Tuesday 25th January, we’re having a Burns Night special, so in addition to doing your own original material, you’re encouraged to do a song (or poem) by Robert Burns! I don’t think we’ll be having haggis, but you never know, certainly whisky will be available! 

Next thing I’m going to plug is Edinburgh Unplugged. It’s a monthly showcase (happening on the second Wednesday of every month) of acoustic music, four bands per month, for an all time low cost of only £2 and the first one is on Wednesday 12th January (which is the week before OOTB starts again), and it’s in the downstairs bar of the Royal Oak on Infirmary Street. Edinburgh Unplugged’s not directly related to OOTB, but it has been inspired by OOTB, i just wanted to put on a regular evening which showcases some of Edinburgh’s best music, in an acoustic setting. The first one on 12th January stars Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands, Hannah Werdmuller, Paper Truth and Atomic Pigeon. Please join the FB group to keep updated of future Edinburgh Unplugged events.

Speaking of Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands, they’re playing tonight (21 Dec) at Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin. I’ve been assured this gig is going ahead, but wrap up warmly if you’re going. Also performing are the Forest Choir, John Langan and Souriba Kanoute from Senegal. It’s actually sold out, so i suppose there’s not a lot of point me mentioning it, except to say i’m really looking forward to it, and hopefully i’ll see some of you there (if you bought your tickets before it sold out!)

And before i forget, i hope you’re having a good winter solstice, and i hope you all got up at 3am to see the lunar eclipse. I saw it on the TV this morning actually, which was good enough for me to be honest! So, from now on the days are getting longer, and it’ll be summer before you know it.

Right, one more thing before i get onto the events. Some of you may remember an excellent OOTB regular from the Canon’s Gait days called Ben Young. For the second year running, he has been writing one song every day for the whole month of December! You can hear his songs at www.atheistadvent.com. Remember to check back at the end of December too, because he’ll have one more song every day till then. And do give him some feedback on his songs as well.

Okay, it’s winding down a bit on the events front, probably due to the festive season, but also due, no doubt, to the weather situation. Here are a few things which are happening though:

Tomorrow (Weds 22 Dec) at the Captain’s Bar on South College Street, from 6pm it’s an event called “Havers and Blethers“, which will feature short performance readings from authors Gavin Inglis, Andrew Ferguson, Andrew Wilson, Rosie Bell, Colin Baptie, Morgan Downie, Juliet Wilson and Kirsty Jacqueline Lingard. It’s a 6pm start, then at 8pm there’s a music session with Nuala Kennedy and Cammy Robson. Free entry and the atmosphere in the Captain’s Bar is great.

On Thursday 23 Dec, at the Pleasance Bar at 8pm, it’s Martin Boland’s CD launch. Brave the frozen wilds for that if you dare!

That’s pretty much it for now. The Listening Room has closed down for the next couple of weeks, so it won’t be happening on Sunday, but i think the Espionage open mic on Sunday is still on, and the open mic at the Captain’s Bar on Monday is definitely still on (at 8pm). I’m pretty certain the McEwan’s Ale House open mic is still on this Friday from 9pm as well.

So, have a good Christmas, or whatever holiday you may be celebrating this week and i’ll see you in your inbox next week, with one or two (but probably not many) event updates.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB – 31 Days Till You Know What

Posted 23/11/2010 By admin

Hi everybody,

You know it just occurred to me that this might be the first year since OOTB began that we’ve not had an Out of the Bedroom Christmas Extravaganza of some sort. Luckily the Lot Acoustic Showcase are having one, featuring highly entertaining Tigertown favourites Matt Norris and the Moon, and Caro Bridges and the River. That’s not happening till the 16th of December though, so let’s deal with this week in the meantime…

Tonight at Forest Cafe it’s the second Inky Fingers open mic, mainly poets i believe, though they are definitely open to all kinds of performers (I know this for sure now, having chatted with Harry who runs Inky Fingers, at the Word of Mouth open mic night last Friday (which was excellent by the way). So go along, it’s Forest so it’s free, and it’s an 8pm start i think.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 24th November) it’s the long awaited (by me anyway!) Lot Acoustic Showcase featuring Lipsync For A Lullaby, Hannah Wermuller, Arran Arctic, and Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions. By the way, this gig isn’t technically an EP launch, but it is actually the first real chance you’ve got to buy a copy of my new mini-album “Another Side of Calum Carlyle”, so it’s kind of sort of an EP launch. It’s just there are a lot of EP launches around recently, with Hannah O’Reilly/Augustalia’s one last week (which i ended up watching on ustream.com actually! How hi-tech of me!), and Supermarionation and Three Long Words this week, and then Lorraine McCauley next week, so I just thought i might jump on the EP launch party  bandwagon! 🙂   Do come along tomorrow, it’s at The Lot at 7pm, it’s £5 or £4 concession.

Last week’s “Magic Letters” gig with the debut appearance of Caro Bridges and the River was great by the way, and it’s encouraged me to use the Royal Oak for further similar gigs in the future, so watch this space for low cost high quality acoustic giggage at The Oak in the new year…

On Friday it’ll be the McEwan’s Ale House open mic night again, a relaxed open mic in a relaxed pub. Always a nice atmosphere. 9:30pm i think, and it’s on Clerk Street opposite the old Odeon.

On Saturday 27th Nov, Eagleowl, Found, Dan Haywood’s New Hawks, Iona Marshall, Wounded Knee, The Oates Field and more are playing at a Leith Tape Club special on a boat in Leith. It’s at Cruz, right down the watery end of Leith. It’s £8 and it’s 2pm till 10pm on Saturday.

Also on Saturday 27th Nov, it’s Sneakyfest, at Sneaky Pete’s, Cabaret Voltaire and Electric Circus. A Fight You Can’t Win are playing, and so are Come On Gang, Aaron Wright and the Aprils, Kid Canaveral and tons of others. You’ll have to google it i’m afraid, too many details for me to give you here, and if you’re determined to go, i think ten seconds on google is probably something you’ll be willing to endure.

On Sunday 28th Nov, at The Listening Room, in the Blue Blazer on Bread Street, at 8pm till 10pm, there’s the usual open mic night, and then Underclass are the featured act. This should be interesting, as far as i know they’re quite an electric band. Also, Neoviolet‘s drummer Angus fully recommended them to me, so i’ll be making sure i don’t miss that anyway.


On November 28th at 8pm UK a bunch of US artists will
be doing a live broadcast performance of a selection POL Arida songs. The
concert will be live on various internet radio stations and you can listen
live here  http://www.cultx.com/livestream.html  at 8pm. Songs covered
will include “Winning” “Deathbed Lovesong” (which is being covered
by LA`s hottest solo act Craig Lyons) “Love Confessions of a Serial
Killer” and many more. This is a very flattering (and humbling) tribute
to a songwriter from Edinburgh and should be worth a listen. POL Arida`s
website is now well into the top million sites worldwide and in the top
200 featuring solo musicians. Currently his web site gets more UK traffic
than U2.com. SOURCE = http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/cultx.com#

For the history behind this `never out of the bedroom` songwriter go here

On Mondays, there’s the new Captain’s Bar open mic night of course, from 7pm, as mentioned last week. It’s not got a PA, but it does have one mic for vocals and a piano if required.

Also on Mondays, in the Parlour Bar on Duke Street in Leith,a fairly new jam session evening called Homemade jam, hosted by Andy Lang every Monday from 8pm. Everyone that turns up gets a pint or glass of wine.

Next week, one or two things to mention in advance, Supermarionation are launching their EP at The Electric Circus on Wednesday 1st December from 7-10pm, with Lee Paterson and Otaku playing support. Its £4 in advance/£6 on the door and tickets can be gotten from http://goo.gl/H9aR plus , everyone buying a ticket will receive a full retail copy of the EP on CD.

Also on 1st December Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands are launching their excellent EP “Haunt Me” at Coda Music Shop on the Mound at 6pm. They’ll be playing live, and providing mince pies and mulled wine, then at 7pm, it’s drinks next door at the Deacon Brodie.

Next Friday (3rd December), Three Long Words are launching their EP with a gig at Calton Studios on Calton Road at 7pm. Tickets are £6 in advance, as far as i can see, you need to buy them from one of the band members, though their EP is available online.

Also next Friday 3rd December, the highly characteristic Matt Midgley (Matt James as he used to be known) is playing a gig at Maggie’s Chamber on the Cowgate, with support starting at 7pm. I’ll give you next week’s ones again though in next week’s email.

So yes, another busy week in music, and if you miss it, you’ll miss it! I’d advise against that. 🙂

See you all out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

New Music from OOTB regulars!

Posted 12/01/2010 By admin

In other OOTB related news, Iain Roberts, formerly an OOTB regular, has eight tracks that you can listen to and buy here. As his page says, he recorded these while recuperating from a hand injury which was sustained while bobsleighing! On that subject, you can support Iain by joining this Facebook group and of course by buying his MP3s to show your support and help him get to the Winter Olympics.

Also, you can now buy Calum Carlyle’s new CD, Honesty And Thorns from various online retailers, including iTunes and Amazon. You can also hear 30 second samples of each song. Prices vary depending on where you buy it and whether you buy a CD or MP3 downloads.

Free MP3 + OOTB 420 ft Ross Neilson

Posted 17/04/2011 By admin

Hello everybody, and welcome to another OOTB email!

First of all i need to tell you about this (click here) I spotted this on Malcolm Mclean’s FB profile! Awesome! Just click the squares. Great fun.

This week at Out of the Bedroom, the featured act is Ross Neilson, who’s just brought out a new CD, which will be available on the night, and that’s Tuesday 19th April at 8pm (7:30pm if you want to sign up for an open slot). Last week’s was great by the way, Lost Telegrams came along, and Andro Sneddon from Something Illustrated, and to be honest the general standard was high as usual. Well, you all knew that already…

Here’s this week’s free MP3, it’s Nick Splinter Smith doing his song “Patience Has Left The Building” from his Impressionistika CD, which you can buy from him only in person at Out of the Bedroom on Tuesdays or at The Ale House on Fridays! Here’s this song as a taster:


Also, remember these downloads expire after a few weeks, so if you didn’t get the previous mp3s, now’s the time to do it. Just scroll through the OOTB website to find the download links.

Right, time for this week’s gigs. Well, if you’re reading this on Sunday 17 April, then get yourself along to Bannerman’s for Neoviolet‘s last gig with the classic five-piece lineup. It’s an 8pm start, and it costs £4 for three acts, one of which is Neoviolet.

Also tonight (Sun 17 April) it’s Sam Barber at The Listening Room, 8pm for the open slots, 9pm for Sam Barber, and it’s at The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street.

On Tuesday 19th, it’s OOTB featuring Ross Neilson, of course.

Sam Barber and the Outcasts are also playing at The Wee Red Bar on Wednesday 20 April at 7:30pm though the FB event doesn’t say if it costs or if anyone else is on the bill.

Also on Wednesday 20 April, The Montague (home of OOTB) are having an Innis & Gunn tasting evening! It begins at 8pm.

On Friday 22 April, it’s this month’s Haight Ashbury Love Music at The City Cafe, and it starts at 8pm, featuring Dead Man’s Waltz, Appassionados, and Miyagi, plus DJ Lexington III all for only £3/4.

Also on Friday for free at The Captain’s Bar, it’s Stefan Van de Sande, on tour from Holland. I don’t think it costs, it starts at 8:30pm anyway.

Then next Sunday (24 April) Augustalia are playing at Maggie’s Chamber. It’s a 6pm start, kicking off with Arran Arctic, and wall to wall bands until midnight.

Phew! Then we’re back to the start of next week!
Right, tell everyone about our free MP3s please, and get yourself along to some gigs, including OOTB!

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom

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